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Workout Strength Training Band

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esistance Bands are very suitable for yoga, pilates, stretching crossfit, fitness exercises,  physical therapy  etc.

  • Easy to use: You can keep yourself healthy and shape your body anywhere, such as at home, workplace, hotel, park, beach, etc.

  • Good Quality: Made of upgraded TPE material, Eco-friendly ,Non-toxic tasteless, Latex-free. The durable rubber material provides great elasticity and high resistance ,It is very wear-resistant and tear-resistant.
  • Anti-Slip: Our resistance band has a non-slip function, which can produce a large friction even if you sweat on your hands, which will not hurt you.

  • Multiple Uses: Exercises bands are often for yoga, pilates, stretching crossfit, fitness exercises, physical therapy etc.
  • Size: 59 inch X 5.9 inch

TheraBand Resistance Bands Exercises

Tricep Toner

1. Drape TheraBand Resistance Band behind back and grab it with other hand at the lower back.
2. Grab tightly with both hands.
3. Raise arm upward, above head.
4. Slowly return to starting position and repeat.

Back Band Fly

1. Hold the band with your hands shoulder-width apart over your head.
2. Pull your arms straight down and out.
3. Press your chest out and draw your shoulder blades down.
4. Lift arms up and repeat.

Thera-Band Knee Squat

1. Stand on the middle of the band with both feet.
2. Grasp the ends of the band at shoulder level.
3. Perform squat, keeping back & elbows straight.
4. Hold and slowly return and repeat.


1 x resistance bands


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